Problems you may encounter and how to deal with them

This page will be updated as new issues arise - last update: February 15, 2020

How exactly do I use iWannaSleep?

Click here to open the help chart (also available via the help button in the app itself).

I cannot select „Shutdown computer“

This action requires helper scripts to be installed. You have to download the helper here and install it. Once installed, you can select „Shutdown computer“ in iWannaSleep; for the first time, you will have to authorize iWannaSleep to control „System Events“, but then you are set and good to go!

I declined the authorization request to control Music / iTunes, now „Pause music“ doesn’t work

I declined the authorization request to control „System Events“, now „Shutdown computer“ doesn’t work

In order to modify your decisions concerning individual authorizations, you have to go to Systems Preferences and there head to „Security & Privacy“ -> „Automation“. There, you can adjust the permissions you give to iWannaSleep (and all other apps).



Who can I contact if I encounter other problems or simply for feedback?

Writing apps is not my actual job and my time is extremely limited. Still, if you encounter problems with the app, want to send me some feedback (positive or negative) or suggest some features for possible future versions, feel free to send me an email and I will try to reply as soon as possible!

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