Apple’s strict security policy in the App Store is a good thing and protects our beloved Mac from malicious software. The price we pay, however, is a limited feature set in some apps.

One such limitation is that it is impossible for an app to shut down the computer. In order to empower iWannaSleep to being able to do this, you have to install helper scripts. I tried to make it as easy as possible for you: just download the installer below, double-click and it will install the two scripts in the right location! Done! 

Only download and run if you have launched iWannaSleep at least once!

Simply double-click the Helper Installer– after it finished successfully
(it will tell you), you can safely discard the installer!

Is this safe?

It absolutely is, but you do not have to take my word for it! If you want to check for yourself what this helper is really installing on your Mac, you can! It is a simple AppleScript applet that you can open in Script Editor (comes with every Mac!) before you run it. There, you can easily verify that it doesn’t do more than copying two tiny scripts (from the folder „Scripts“ in its resources) into the iWannaSleep folder within the system’s „Application Scripts“ folder.

„iWannaSleep helper (authorize).scpt“: this one-line script will be called when you select „Shutdown computer“ in iWannaSleep. It simply verifies that iWannaSleep is authorised to control „System Events“, which is essential in order to eventually shut down your Mac after the timer has finished.

„iWannaSleep helper (shutdown).scpt“: this similarly simple script contains all commands necessary to finally really shut down your computer.